2022 New Home Trends

Just as clothing styles have changed since the beginning of COVID, it should not be a surprise that home designs have changed, too – albeit more slowly.

Innovations in residential design depend on the priorities of new-home buyers, the latest in technology and products, and the imaginations of homeowners, architects, and interior designers.

That’s because homeowners are reassessing what they want their home to reflect and how it’s being used. Many want to break from the past; therefore, the predominant design themes in 2022 new home trends are freedom, creative expression, and individuality.

Two main ideas stand out:

  • First, most people have a more casual lifestyle than their parents and grandparents. They want their homes to feel welcoming, informal, and relaxed.
  • Second, homeowners want their homes to make life easier and save them time and money.

From both home exterior and interior designs, let’s take a closer look at some of the innovations making their way into 2022 new home trends.

Smart Home Technology Continues to Trend in 2022

Certainly, the fastest and biggest change seen in 2022 new home trends is technology. Homeowners are most interested in using smart home features for safety and security, and better energy efficiency. The third priority is high-tech electronics for entertainment purposes.

Embraced by both older and younger homebuyers, wireless technology like door locks controlled with an app and “learning” thermostats make life easier and lower utility bills. It saves on electricity, gas, and water and can all be managed from the touch of a smartphone.

Entertaining in the Kitchen

Now that most everyone entertains more casually, kitchens have become both a showplace and the largest area of the house. Frankly, the more open the floor plan, the better the kitchen should look. Using stain-resistant and anti-microbial materials, kitchen islands are being designed for multifunctional use and getting much larger. Kitchens are also classrooms, craft areas, home offices, and the main entertainment space.

2022 New Home Trends include Anything But White in Cabinetry and Countertops

Since the ’90s, white kitchen cabinets have been the go-to option. It eventually evolved to the kitchen becoming an all-white space with white granite countertops, subway tile, and cabinets. However, in recent years, kitchen designers have begun to incorporate color. Even kitchen appliance manufacturers have noticed and added color to their products.

2022 new home trends include kitchens with wood or painted cabinetry. Because most homeowners spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere else in the house, the colors will be neutral, appealing, and warm, not bold or intense. Alternative material choices for countertops will also become popular, but granite remains at the top of the list. Mixing two countertop materials will also be popular. For example, granite countertops can be used along the outside cabinets, and then hardwood is added to the island.

Black Is the New Black

In 2022, warm tones and natural, subtle colors will be trending. However, the exception will be black as an accent color. With neutral colors, just a touch of black can make a room “pop.” Add black window frames for a great first impression on both the exterior and interior. To add curb appeal, paint your front door black lacquer. As homeowners move away from the all-white kitchen, black appliances are making a comeback, whether matte or shiny.

Flexible Rooms

A good floor plan becomes very important when the entire family stays home more often. Formal dining rooms can quickly turn into home offices or classrooms. In 2022 new home trends, having a “flex space” or “flex room” is a must-have. This space closes off to offer the option for a quiet place to relax and read a book, as a guest room, or a kids’ playroom.

This trend will continue to be in demand in 2022 and beyond. Most new-home buyers have a fairly strict budget and can’t afford a separate room for everything they need. They appreciate the freedom associated with flexibility in a floor plan.

Low-Maintenance Materials save Time

New homes are being built with materials that don’t need constant maintenance. This 2022 new home trend is a major time-saver for busy young families and downsizing seniors. Using products such as Hardiplank siding and longer-lasting paint reduces the annual workload.

In 2022, new home trends show more metal roofing, too. It can be used either on the entire roof or on a porch or awning roof as an accent. Metal roofing is environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and durable. Although more expensive than an asphalt shingle roof, metal roofs are made of at least 25% recycled materials, are 100% recyclable, and are considered a sustainable option. Plus, many homeowners love the sound of rain falling on a metal roof!

Blend Indoors and Outdoors

Because families are spending more time outside, those outdoor elements are now in high demand. The 2022 new home trends maximize sunlight, fresh air and add plants and other natural aspects inside homes. Increase the connection between the interior and the exterior with larger windows, enclosed sunrooms, and more. These trends create a sense of being outdoors and the freedom associated with it, especially when inclement weather is present.

Another 2022 new home trend adds screens, windows, or roofs to outdoor spaces for homeowners to use for at least three seasons. New home designs also give direct access from the master suite to a patio or porch, not just from the main living area.

Luxury Living

Not only are homeowners blending the indoors and outdoors, but they’re also making the backyard as luxurious and entertainment-friendly as the inside of their home. Homeowners want outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, along with glass doors for a better visual connection. But homeowners aren’t stopping there. They’re also adding pools and hot tubs with plenty of seating all around.

It took a pandemic for some homeowners to appreciate their yards. Now there’s no rush to go back in. In 2022 new home trends, more luxurious outdoor living spaces will be must-haves. Patios or decks only large enough for a table, chairs, and a grill are gone forever.

New home buyers have come to expect combinations of screened-in porches with a covered rear deck/porch, outdoor kitchens, or grilling porches. Outdoor spaces are becoming so beautiful that it will be difficult to decide whether to “go out” to entertain friends or stay indoors. Just the two of you may want to enjoy a glass of wine and the sunset on the deck.

Home Curves are Back for 2022

Curves in home design are on their way back. Expect to see more curved walls, barrel-vault ceilings, and arched doorways. The 2022 new home trends for exteriors include arched openings and ceilings for porches and arched windows and exterior doors. Curves will also mean furniture with round tables, tub chairs, round mirrors, and curved couches. When done well, curves can add character, an element of surprise and balance a room with lots of straight lines.

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