Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, more and more people have been working from home. For many people, it’s incredibly convenient because they can save time, wear and tear on their vehicle, and they can wear comfy clothes all day long. 

However, for others, working from home is less than ideal. That’s because their home office designs just aren’t functioning correctly for them. It isn’t the right environment to get anything done, and they’re frustrated.

But creating the right home office designs can help you get the most out of working from home. You may never want to go back to that “other” office again!

The Best Home Office Designs

So what can a person do to get the quiet, organized, and comfortable surroundings they need to be productive at home? First, home office designs should inspire the homeowner to do their best work.

Whether it’s for a full-time job or just a few hours a week, here are some home office designs and suggestions to maximize productivity.

First, Choose the Right Location

The first and most important step is to find the right location inside your home. It should be away from the main living area and foot traffic, for less noise and fewer interruptions. Using a separate room with a closed door is ideal. However, if that’s not possible, try sharing space in a guest bedroom, in the basement corner, or even a walk-in closet.

Avoid as many distractions as possible. Don’t be tempted to turn on the television, do the laundry, or let your kids play in the same area. If you have a home office in the same room where the rest of the family frequently spends time, consider changing locations. Or work when everyone else is at school, in bed, or out of the house. Alternate scheduling will help to dodge conflicts or stop others from occupying the same space. You’ll be amazed at how much work you can get done when no one interrupts you.

Natural Light

Whenever possible, place the desk near a window to enjoy the sunlight and allow the view to offer inspiration. Natural light turns the office into a more relaxed and productive space that provides a sense of freedom. Especially if the window faces a lovely yard, a city skyline, or something visually interesting, it can help the room feel calmer and comfortable. Looking at a solid, blank wall all day can give off the sense of being closed in or trapped. 

In addition, a desk lamp for task lighting and a floor lamp on the other side of the room is important for gloomy days or when the sun goes down.

Wall Color

To work more successfully from home, choose the right color for your office walls. Color can stimulate the brain, enhance positive feelings, and improve the room’s ambiance. Avoid boring beige. However, a soft, medium blue can be calming, bright colors are invigorating, and green is refreshing. Consider using a fun mix of colors or wallpaper on a couple of the walls.

Get Inspired

The best home office designs use a variety of items on the walls and desk for encouragement and inspiration. Use a bulletin board within reach to keep interesting photos, news articles, or ideas that suddenly occur. Place something on the desk or shelf to remind you of your favorite vacation or a special time in your life. Add a plant, a table, or a chair or two, but don’t overcrowd your space.

Set up the room as a true office, so it looks like one. Use furniture, artwork, professional certificates, a framed diploma, etc., to make walking into the room feel like you are reporting to work. It will enhance your productivity!

Get Comfortable Furniture

It may seem obvious that you’ll need a desk and a chair in your office. However, the time spent working from home has expanded and, for many people, is no longer temporary. Therefore, using an old card table and a lumpy chair is just going to demotivate you and potentially hurt your back. Get a roomy desk and an ergonomically configured chair, and you’ll thank yourself time and again. Sitting comfortably means no need to take extended breaks, with less fatigue and more productivity.

Place your desk in a space that allows you enough legroom to stretch and enough desk top room to use your computer or laptop and leave a few papers in a neat pile, etc. This arrangement will help avoid damage to your lower back, legs, and shoulders if you sit for extended periods. The seat should be high enough not to strain your arms, shoulders, or neck when using your computer. Consider adding a headrest for when you lean back.

Choosing the right chair may mean you’ll have to spend some money to get a sturdy and comfortable one that will last. Test out a variety of styles, back heights, and types of fabrics before buying one. Everyone likes and needs something different, so don’t get the one your neighbor has just because it’s on sale!

Will you host any meetings in your office? Will clients, coworkers, or staff visit? Be sure to have another comfy chair or two across from your desk for them.


The best home office designs always include functional storage with file cabinets, bookshelves, and containers to hold paperwork. Staying organized and keeping your office clutter-free will increase your creativity, productivity, and energy. Put a handful of pens in an attractive container or coffee cup. If you have space, keep a small refrigerator nearby filled with water or refreshments. The fridge will limit the number of times you get up from your desk and to the kitchen for a snack.

Cobblestone Builders

The standard office space is quickly shifting from tall concrete buildings in the city to home offices. Nearly half of the workforce in the US is now working strictly from home, with no end in sight. 

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