Energy Efficiency

When building a new home today we incorporate the latest in techniques and proven technologies to make sure that our homes rate amongst the best when comparing the use of energy or should I say lack of.  From the foundation and framing to the exterior sheathing and the windows to the insulation and the sealing of all these components we carefully put them together with the thought of saving our customers money by the use of energy efficient products.

All of our homes that we build today are certified Energy Efficient by an Focus on Energy consultant.  This process insures that your new home has been built to a higher standard and also is rated on a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) scale.  On this scale the lower the number means that the home is more energy efficient.  For example, a standard new home is figured to have a number of 100, a Cobblestone Builders new home ranges from a 47 to 55 meaning that a home built by us is 45 to 53% more efficient than a standard code compliant new home saving you money each and every day!

HERS® is the new construction industry’s standard for measuring a home’s energy efficiency and calculating a home’s energy performance.

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