Talkin’ Construction

What is “Talkin’ Construction?”

Waukesha County home builder airs special weekly segment.

Every Saturday morning at 9am on Builders Showcase TV and in the digital magazine, “Talkin’ Construction” has been a featured segment. At Cobblestone Builders, we take pride in offering our knowledge and a combined 55 years of expertise to those looking to build new homes or improve their current one by answering questions from viewers.

Waukesha Home Builder Airs Q & A Home Building Tips

Before being a popular segment on Builders Showcase, “Talkin’ Construction” was a 20 minute show on a local radio station. Contractors, vendors, and the occasional building inspector would be featured to share their specific knowledge with listeners. Over the course of 3 ½ years, viewers would ask questions and our experts would answer a variety of questions regarding home ownership and building.

We jumped at the opportunity for a new experience joining Builders Showcase. Teaming with the strong Builders Showcase brand allowed us to reach a wider audience and answer any questions we were asked. Stevie and I have been so fortunate to use this new format to help viewers with questions, but also to showcase new products and the building process from the beginning stages to move-in ready homes.

Cobblestone Builders hopes that “Talkin’ Construction” has helped the audience learn more about everything that goes into building a home. As always, if you have any questions regarding construction or the home building process, you can submit those to You may just end up on TV!