One of the top challenges of the past 18 months has been the new ways families use their homes. They worked together to overcome unexpected circumstances and transformed rooms into offices, classrooms, home gyms, etc. and got creative on how to live together in these spaces. But many homeowners also quickly recognized their current residence was a very bad fit. 

Therefore, many people across southeastern Wisconsin are choosing to build something from the ground up. However, they’re doing some research first. These families want to be sure their new house will fit their lifestyle and which of the 2021 new home construction trends will work best.

Here are several design and construction trends that are at the forefront for 2021 and beyond.


2021 Designer Kitchens Trends 

Many families began baking or cooking together as a new hobby and spent more time eating at home, so think stylish yet functional kitchens when it comes to 2021 new home construction trends. Homeowners want a beautiful kitchen but also a spacious, open concept one with high-end stainless steel appliances.

Although an all-white kitchen continues to be a classic, bolder colors of charcoal, forest green, or navy blue will show up in kitchen accessories, tile backsplashes, or as island cabinetry. Luxurious touches like lighting, cabinet handles, and faucets in gold will also appear. 

Also, expect to see more quartz countertops in 2021 new home construction trends. Easy to integrate into any kitchen décor, quartz countertops pair well with dark or light cabinetry because they’re practical but also elegant and versatile. 


2021 Kitchen Island Trends 

As the heart of the home, it seems that family and friends love to gather in the kitchen to chat, do homework, help with cooking, or hang out.

So, in 2021 new home construction trends, a definite “must-have” is a double-island in the kitchen. A pair of kitchen islands offers additional counter space and storage. One can be designated for meal prep and the other for dining, socializing, or homework. Two islands also improve traffic flow as family members and guests can walk around the space without interrupting the chef. 


Ceiling Variations for 2021 New Home Trends

Today, the industry standard for most new construction ceilings is nine feet. However, some homeowners dream of something higher, and their “must-haves” include 10- to 12-foot tall structures. Modern high ceilings are appealing because they enhance the home’s elegance and spaciousness.

There are many variations of a high ceiling. Here are three of the most popular.

  • Tray Ceiling – this type of vaulted ceiling is also known as recessed or inverted. It has a raised portion of the ceiling’s center to create a second and sometimes third ceiling, anywhere from several inches to a foot higher than the rest. To make it a focal point, use different colors on the trim, install hidden lighting along the perimeter, or hang a ceiling fan, pendant light, or chandelier.


  • Vaulted – a vaulted ceiling is any ceiling with a self-supporting arch. Most commonly found in open-plan kitchen and dining areas, great rooms, and sometimes master bedrooms, vaulted ceilings are used in contemporary and traditional houses.


  • Barrel-Vaulted – also called a wagon or tunnel vault, this simple style resembles a barrel cut in half with an arch instead of a sharp point. Most barrel vaults are found in living rooms, foyers, hallways, and master en suites. 


2021 Work and Multi-Functional Spaces 

For years to come, working from home will continue to be a fact, and 2021 new home construction trends offer floorplans with dedicated workspaces. While this area may also function as a sunroom, guest room, home gym, or something else, it’s a design trend that’s going to stay. Homes are now dwelling places and offices, play areas, vacation destinations for family and friends, school rooms, and so much more.

One of the 2021 new home construction trends is floorplans with convenient and versatile multi-functional spaces to accommodate all these needs. Because more people now work from home, there must be dedicated quiet spaces to allow privacy to concentrate and/or attend Zoom meetings.


Home Gyms are Popular for 2021 New Home Trends 

While home exercise space has been around for years, it’s taken on new importance because of the pandemic. Many gyms and health clubs are at reduced capacity, and people are just not as motivated as they once were to leave home to exercise.

Therefore, 2021 new home construction trends include home gyms and children’s play areas. All family members need time and space to work out, unwind, and burn off some energy. The room may offer exercise equipment, yoga mats, and even swings or jungle gyms for kids to use when the weather is inclement.


2021 Outdoor Dining Room Trends 

Homeowners are choosing to blend indoor and outdoor living spaces to experience the best of both. There is more focus on taking advantage of outdoor entertaining with a large deck, covered patio, or gazebo. 

Even better, the pergola is another popular 2021 new home construction trend. Pergolas have been around for a while and are outdoor structures made of columns that support a roof of rafters and beams. It can extend the home’s outdoor entertaining space and enhance the backyard by providing privacy and shade.


Floor-to-Ceiling Window 2021 Home Trends 

Large floor-to-ceiling windows are another “must-have” in 2021 new home construction trends for open, airy, and well-lit spaces. This trend lets natural light pour into any room without needing to step outside on a blustery winter day. Connected with indoor/outdoor living, floor-to-ceiling windows provide more sunlight, making interiors feel larger and brighter. 

Large windows make staying at home more comfortable for the entire family.


2021 Bathroom Trends 

Especially in the master bathroom, free-standing tubs and separate walk-in showers are at the top for 2021 new home construction trends. This allows for later aging-in-place designs and the opportunity to turn the master bath into a spa-like retreat.

For other bedrooms, a full bath located in the hall nearby serves those family members. Another 2021 new home construction trend is to create a Jack and Jill bathroom. This is a full bath with entry doors from two bedrooms for easier access. 

A centrally located half bath or powder room near the main living area is added for guests. This way, family members won’t have to share a bathroom with visitors.


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