Building a custom home

You and your family have spent the past several months looking for a house to buy. However, you’re having trouble finding the right one. You already know how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, how many square feet you’re looking for, and of course, how much you want to spend. But, unfortunately, you’re getting more and more frustrated. You wonder if you’ll ever find the perfect place.

So now what? Should you consider building a custom home?

You’ve heard the term before, but what exactly are custom homes? How “custom” are they? Is the process of building a custom home complicated? Will a custom home be over your budget? Read on to learn more.

First: What Are Custom Homes?

The simplest definition for a custom home is that it’s a brand new house designed and built to meet a homeowner’s unique specifications.

Potential clients who want custom homes can choose from a builder’s house plans and either add significant modifications or make just a few changes. Additionally, a client can also start with a blank piece of paper to create a floor plan from scratch or bring in a few ideas of their own. The final plan’s layout depends on which home builder is hired, what they offer in a custom home, the client’s budget, and how different and specific the client wants their home.

Building Custom Homes

Some builders define their homes as custom simply because they offer a choice of paint colors, floor coverings, countertops, cabinetry door styles, and a few other options. However, on the other end of the spectrum, the possibilities may be limitless from another home builder.

Therefore, it’s important to know how many decisions you want to make. If you don’t work with the right builder, designing a custom home can start as lots of fun but may end up completely overwhelming.

Cobblestone Homes will help you understand why you should consider building a custom home and what some of the basic steps are in the process.

Know the Type of Custom Home Your Family Needs

Knowing what you need is the first step in deciding which custom home to build and which builder to hire. As you toured houses on the market, what were you thinking? That the yard wasn’t large enough? Not enough bathrooms or bedrooms? Do you prefer a convenient laundry room next to the bedrooms? How about a mudroom where your kids can toss their backpacks and wet shoes? Do you want a ranch-style home or a two-story one?

Be sure to determine your needs and wants before you meet with a builder. Most custom home builders ask lots of questions to create the perfect floor plan for their clients, just in case you forget a few things.

To help their clients select features and finishes for their custom homes, many builders also have interior design experts on staff.

Where Do You Want to Build Your Custom House?

Do you want to stay in your current neighborhood? Possibly you prefer country living or are thinking of moving closer to the city. Building a custom home means you and your family get to choose.

In your previous search, maybe you found a good house, but it was in the wrong place. Or you located the perfect street, but not the right structure. When you build custom homes, you can have both the ideal house and the ideal neighborhood. The builder will even help you determine which direction to place your house for the best views.

A Custom Home is Designed Just For You

What is your family’s lifestyle? Do you enjoy entertaining large groups of family and friends? Do you want a cozy room with lots of sunlight to read or work on crafts? Is there a chef in the family who dreams of an expansive kitchen with enough storage and counter space? Maybe you’d love a deck and a big backyard. This is the place your family will entertain, dine, express themselves, learn, grow, and live for many years to come.

Additionally, when you have a custom home, you’re doing more than simply decorating spaces; you’re creating something no one else has. You’ll design a custom home tailored just for your family. You can see the quality craftsmanship as you watch the structure being built.

Custom Homes Are Energy Efficient

Older homes may require costly upgrades, such as new windows, a roof, plumbing, and more. These houses also cost more to maintain, especially if the cold wind blows through ill-fitting doors and old windows.

Custom homes are built with first-rate appliances, better utility systems, and more energy efficiency. In the long run, this means lower utility bills. You can also be certain the builder is using quality construction materials because you chose them. With custom homes, you’re investing in a high-quality, energy-efficient residence that can save you money.

Custom Homes Are Built Around Your Budget

Keeping your budget in mind, you’ll meet with Cobblestone Builders’ professional design team. They will assist in personalizing your custom home and help you choose countertops, appliances, flooring, etc. The completed house will be the ideal pairing of substance and style.

When looking to buy an existing home, the old house may have features you don’t want or even need. When building a custom home, you invest your dollars where you choose. You have control over where money is being spent, whether you want a media room, a large porch, hardwood floors, a mother-in-law suite, or something else.

Finally, building a custom home can be very affordable. When you discuss your ideas with Cobblestone Builders, you’ll get a complete and total bid. There won’t be any unexpected charges or expenses.

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Watch as the home you’ve always dreamed of becomes a reality. During construction, the professionals at Cobblestone Builders will manage all the details and keep you informed of your project’s progress.

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