How can I get better energy efficiency in my house? Does it matter what kind of roof shingles I use? What are the best appliances for my cooking and cleaning needs? What should I do to help my woodwork stand up to daily wear and tear? I keep hearing about radon gas. Do I need to worry about that in my new home? What are the advantages of spray foam insulation versus fiberglass batting?

Introducing “Talkin’ Construction!”

Do you have any questions like these about your house but aren’t sure where to turn? Well, you’re in luck! You can get the answers to all these questions and many more from Cobblestone Builders. They air an informative and educational segment on WITI Fox 6 every Saturday at 9 am on Builders Showcase TV. It’s a feature called “Talkin’ Construction.” Cobblestone Builders’ owners, Stevie Mistele-Wildt and Dirk Wildt, are excited to offer their years of construction expertise to southeastern Wisconsin homeowners each weekend.


Discussions on Building a New Home


Every Saturday morning on “Talkin’ Construction,” Stevie and Dirk educate viewers about building a new home or responding to questions from those who are having problems with their current residence. They answer inquiries about building products, showcase new techniques for construction, and comment on every home topic imaginable.


Talkin’ Construction Began on the Radio

Talkin' Construction

“Talkin’ Construction” has been a featured segment at 9 am on Fox 6’s Builders Showcase TV on Saturday mornings for the past five years. But before becoming an extremely popular highlight on the television program, “Talkin’ Construction” was originally a 20-minute talk show on a local radio station in Milwaukee every week.

Area home building contractors, building inspectors, and an occasional vendors (for tile, flooring, appliances, drywall, lighting, etc.) were invited on the radio program to share their specific industry knowledge with the listeners. Similar to the current television show, listeners would call or write in to ask a question. A variety of experts would answer a wide range of queries regarding homeownership, building projects, and advise on products and repairs.


Home Builder Now Offers Construction Tips on TV

After a few years on the radio, Cobblestone Builders jumped at the chance to join Builders Showcase Television. Through “Talkin’ Construction” on television, they can reach a wider audience, answer even more questions, and share information with additional people. Because the Builders Showcase brand is incredibly strong and the television show is well known, Stevie and Dirk feel fortunate to be highlighted in this current format.

With “Talkin’ Construction,” they help viewers with their house problems. Still, Dirk and Stevie are also able to showcase new homes and explain important details regarding the building process from the beginning stages of breaking ground and laying the foundation through the final steps of the project. Move-in ready home topics and current homes for sale are covered as well. Cobblestone Builders takes pride in offering a combined 45 years of expertise and knowledge to those looking to improve their current residence or build a custom home anywhere throughout southeastern Wisconsin.


The Idea Behind “Talkin’ Construction”

Maybe you’re one of the more than 45,000 Wisconsin residents who watch the Builders Showcase TV show on Saturday mornings at 9 am on Fox 6. Or perhaps you read the Builders Showcase digital magazine. You may have wondered about the TV segment or magazine article called “Talkin’ Construction.” Ten years ago, owners Dirk and Stevie tried to find a way to differentiate themselves and stand out from other southeastern Wisconsin home builders. Because Cobblestone is a highly concerned and knowledgeable home builder, Dirk and Stevie wanted to share the many things they’ve learned throughout the years.

After more than three years on the weekly radio program, the idea came about to join Builders Showcase Television. Cobblestone Builders hopes that everyone enjoys learning about all the components and products that go into building a home and seeing the Cobblestone Builders’ finished projects as much as Stevie and Dirk have enjoyed talking about them for the last five years. But they’re not done yet! Dirk and Stevie plan on many more years of “Talkin’ Construction” segments in the future.

By the way, to watch any past “Talkin’ Construction” segments you may have missed, you can find them on the Cobblestone Builders website or at  Check them out today!

The Cobblestone Builders Story

In 1990, Cobblestone Builders was founded in Wisconsin’s Menomonee Falls, by husband and wife team Stevie Mistele-Wildt and Dirk Wildt. Together, they forged a construction business built on trust and honesty, and today they have decades of experience in and solid knowledge of the home building industry. Throughout greater Milwaukee – as well as in Waukesha, Washington, and Racine counties – Cobblestone Builders creates high-quality yet cost-efficient homes and condominiums.

Dirk and Stevie Wildt

Cobblestone Builders also hires the most skilled craftsmen possible in southeastern Wisconsin. This is important because great home builders care about the nature of their craftsmanship and their construction crew’s abilities. A consistent team offers a customer much higher quality in the building process. When a custom builder keeps its tradespeople project after project, it provides more stability and loyalty for their construction crew.

Additionally, Cobblestone Builders always use superior, name-brand building materials and products, but at the same time, they are still aware of their client’s budget. Dirk and Stevie add value to their custom homes by attentively listening to their customer’s needs, desires, and wants for their ultimate dream home. In order to have high-quality finishes and the use of superior products, the best home builders develop positive working relationships with the top suppliers. However, because quality and price often go together, Cobblestone Builders keeps costs in mind and passes on any savings to their customers.

Through honesty, open dialogue with their clients, and clear communication with staff and suppliers, Cobblestone Builders offers an extraordinary customer service level. Their clients report a high degree of satisfaction with the final product of their custom homes as well as with the entire design and construction process. Whether working with Cobblestone Builders to create a custom home or purchasing one of their condos, most of their referrals have come from happy and satisfied former customers for more than three decades. You’ll realize just how much this home building team cares about its clients by reading their customer testimonials.

Get to Know the Wildts

Together, Dirk and Stevie Wildt have a strong focus on educating the public and their continuing education and being involved with the building community. For example, they are members of the BBB (Better Business Bureau), the National Association of Home Builders, and the Washington County Builders Association.

Individually, Dirk is a member of the Greater Milwaukee Area Realtors, the National Association of Realtors, and is a licensed real estate broker. He also uses his experience and gains business knowledge as a Certified Master Builder and Certified Construction Professional.

But the Wildt’s community involvement doesn’t end with just business organizations. Dirk and Stevie and Cobblestone Builders also financially support many nonprofits in Wisconsin, such as the American Cancer Society, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, The American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Disabled American Veterans, Muscular Dystrophy Association, and Breast Cancer Research.

In their limited free time, when Stevie and Dirk aren’t talkin’ construction, you can find them golfing, having fun focusing on their fitness and health, or taking long rides on their Harley Davidson motorcycles!

Their Passion for Quality, Beauty, and Energy Efficiency

Stevie and Dirk’s passion for high-quality construction shows in the craftsmanship of every custom home they build. Their focus on energy-efficiency is also evident in Cobblestone’s homes and condos through their membership in the Trade Allies – Focus on Energy and the Wisconsin Environmental Initiative – Green Built Homes.

Cobblestone Builders

The Trade Allies partnership with Focus on Energy offers customers a variety of financial incentives on qualifying improvements in home energy efficiency. These improvements and solutions create more energy-efficient and comfortable homes and provide additional discounts on HVAC equipment and assist with full home assessments.

To certify newly built homes, the Green Built Home program offers comprehensive checklists and credible third-party verifications. The Wisconsin Environmental Initiative also recognizes developers and builders who commit to superior environmental performance and do their best to work with the lot lines to place the house in the most energy-efficient and effective way. This initiative offers homeowners the benefits of lower energy bills and improved indoor air quality.

Cobblestone is one of the most sought-after builders and is recognized as one of the area’s premier custom home builders in southeastern Wisconsin. Their unique, open-concept floor plans have earned Cobblestone Builders recognition, awards, and accolades. Additionally, they have made their mark on condominium developments by creating condos that are styled after single-family homes and offer the same high-quality finishes as their custom homes.

The Cobblestone Builders Mission of Trust

As one of the premier custom home builders in southeastern Wisconsin, Cobblestone Builders realizes that choosing to build the home of your dreams is a huge decision and one of the most significant financial investments you and your family will ever make in your lives.

When Dirk and Stevie Wildt founded Cobblestone Builders more than 30 years ago, they knew they would build their company on a Mission of Trust. That mission has never wavered in three decades.

Cobblestone Builders’ Mission of Trust states:

• HONESTY is not just something we practice but that which is instilled.

• INTEGRITY is what we feel our moral principles are to be and should be.

• TRUST is believing that we will do right for our customers without bias or prejudice.

• PERFORMANCE is how we carry out our mission of trust without hesitation every time.

Cobblestone Builders is proud to affirm that their standards are highest in the home building industry. They proudly offer a full two-year warranty on each of their homes because they stand behind the distinct craftsmanship and the excellence built into each Cobblestone home.

Dirk and Stevie also proudly offer their expertise and knowledge to everyone thinking about building a new home or condo, considering improving or remodeling their existing home, or to those who are just interested in learning more about construction. The Wildts are especially thrilled to share their passion through their featured television segment, “Talkin’ Construction,” every Saturday.

Building Your Dream Home

You may have heard horror stories about the home building process through co-workers, friends, or neighbors. You might have heard about times when there was a delay in shipping, tradespeople not showing up, installing the wrong tiles in the bathroom, or unboxing broken light fixtures. Although accidents and delays can happen, having the right builder will help everything go much more smoothly. Especially when you hire a professional builder such as Cobblestone Builders, your dream home will be an exciting and delightful process. Why? Because Cobblestone has a mission-based on honesty, trust, integrity, and performance. They exhibit excellent communication skills, years of substantial business experience, and a long list of satisfied clients, designing and constructing.

Together, Dirk and Stevie have more than 45 years of combined construction industry experience and have built a business with an unparalleled reputation. They look forward to learning more about you and the custom home you envision building for your family.

Feel free to contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your ideas and needs. We are happy to show you some floor plans, or we can create a unique home just for you. After meeting with us, we are confident you’ll be inspired to choose us as your home builder. Contact us whenever you’re ready to build your new condo or custom home!

Do You Have a Building Question?

Dirk and Stevie from Cobblestone Builders hope that their television segment “Talkin’ Construction” on Saturday mornings helps the Wisconsin viewing audience learn more about the process of constructing a home.

If you have any questions for Cobblestone Builders regarding construction, the home building process, or a product, you can submit them to

You and your question may just end up on TV!