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New Homes are Preferred

The newly constructed homes of today offer home-buyers more bang for their buck in every way. It’s no wonder that many buyers in the current market prefer purchasing a new home over a used one. The following are some of the most significant reasons that this trend keeps going strong.

1. Feels Like New

If you’ve ever purchased a new car, you’re familiar with that fresh car smell. New homes have a similar characteristic in the way they feel. The never before lived in feel of a new home is like nothing else in the world.

2. Your House Should Fit Your Needs

With a newly constructed home, you can see to it that the room layout and floor plans meet your needs. Build the master suite in a fashion that fits your personality. Would you like a fireplace in one or more rooms? Are you a fan of retro style master baths and high ceilings? All of these and more can be yours, with no costly remodeling necessary, when you purchase a new home.

3. Safety, Design, and Advanced Technology

The above are three categories that are automatically covered in new homes but would have to be added to an older home.

New Homes offer more efficiency - WindowsLet’s break them down:

•    Safety – Your family can breathe more comfortably knowing there are fewer volatile compounds in the new paint, carpets, and cabinets. Environmentally friendly coolants are now used by modern air conditioners, and furnaces run more efficiently. Garage door openers offer safety through infrared sensory beams, and circuit breakers are state-of-the-art.

•    Design and Technology – This is a huge reason for buying a new home rather than changing everything in an old house. In a new home, proper, high-quality insulation has been used, high-performance windows are already in place, appliances are new, high-efficiency models, and countertops and cabinets are clean, sparkling, and fresh. Could all of these things be replaced in an older home? Of course. But at what cost?

4. Low Maintenance, New Everything, and Warranties

Less care is needed to keep up today’s new homes. The cutting-edge building products used were explicitly created and utilized with low maintenance in mind. Building components and systems used in today’s homes work together perfectly because they were engineered to do just that.

In an old home, it’s a little like owning an old car. They tend to nickel and dime you. But with a house, those nickels and dimes can add up to thousands of dollars. Rather than replace a water heater, countertops, appliances, or a roof; buy a new home that is made with the latest building materials and designs offering years of enjoyment and comfort before replacement ever becomes an issue.

5. Air Quality and Comfort

The stringent energy codes and standards of today were not in place when old homes were built. Today’s new homes combine state-of-the-art air filtration, ventilation, and high-performance energy efficiency. What results is higher air quality indoors, draft-free comfort, and lower cost heating and cooling all year round.

6. Speaking of Saving Money on Energy

Even as recently as five years ago, homes were just not built as energy efficient as they are today. Look at a home that is 20 years old or more, and the advantage of buying a new home is apparent. Why purchase an old house with single pane windows, energy-wasting appliances, and drafty conditions; when precisely the opposite could be exact in a new home featuring triple or double pane windows, the latest model appliances, and snug, energy-saving doors?

7. They’re Your Dreams – So Have It Your Way

The flooring, carpets, appliances, countertops, and cabinets in an old house are the choices of prior owners. When you buy a newly constructed house, not only can you choose which of those you want in your new home, you can add the kinds of lighting, kitchen fixtures, bathroom designs, and more that reflect your taste and style – not some strangers.

8. Community

Finally, consider the neighborhood in which you live. Amenities like clubhouses, pools, and more are offered in many areas featuring new home communities. Additionally, these neighborhoods have shopping nearby, some of the best new schools, protected open lands, hiking trails, and recreation areas.

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