If you have been following the Builders Showcase digital magazine or the Builders Showcase TV show on Fox 6 every Saturday morning at 9am you may be wondering what is the idea behind the article and segment called Talkin’ Construction?  About 5 years ago Cobblestone Builders was looking for a way to differentiate us as a concerned and knowledgeable home builder and wanted to share the many things we have learned with our combined 40 years of experience. Kadlec SIS & Basement Insulation Talkin’ Construction started out on a local radio station with a weekly live 20 minute call in format bringing in our various contractors, vendors and occasional building inspector to share the knowledge they have in their professions with our listeners.   Over the 3-1/2 years that this weekly radio show ran we answered a variety of questions sharing our expertise until one day the idea came about to join up with Builders Showcase and reach out to a new audience Stevie and I are excited to be able to utilize this type of format and answer the questions that you, our audience, has submitted. Now not only do we have the ability to offer answers to your questions but we can showcase the products and construction from the very beginning stages to completion when the home is ready to move in. We hope that you enjoy as much as we do learning about all the products and components that go into building a home and seeing our finished projects. Remember, if you have a question for us regarding construction or a product you can submit it to TalkinConstruction@builders-showcase.com and who knows you might just end up on TV! Dirk & Stevie Cobblestone Builders Building Better For You!