Window with ice[dm3_one_third]

Window condensation occurs mainly during the winter and can be a real concern to a homeowner, even in new homes. The most common cause is due to high relative humidity level inside the home. Luckily, this is a problem that is controllable and in many cases an easy fix. If you have a window condensation problem, the first thing you will need to know is what level of relative humidity you have inside your home and the instrument you will need for this is called a hygrometer. These can be mechanical or an electronic device and is mostly sold in big box stores or via the internet.

A proper level of humidity in your home varies greatly depending on what the outside temperature is. Lower the outside temperature the lower the relative humidity level in your home is recommended be in order to avoid dew point or condensation on your window. For example, if it is 20 degrees outside and the temperature is 70 degrees inside the recommended level of humidity is 35 to 40%. If the outside temperature is -10 the recommendation is 20 to 25%.

Once you know the level of relative humidity in your home you can focus in on the cause and solution. Causes for a higher indoor humidity are many but knowing what some of the more common ones are can be helpful. For example, taking showers, humans breathing, indoor plants, cooking, doing laundry and simply having a basement all contribute to the problem.

In a Cobblestone home, we control this humidity mechanically by using one or more or the following: high CFM low scone exhaust fans, de-humidistat controls, air-to-air exchangers, ceiling fans and active not passive radon abatement systems. Additionally you will also want to make sure that there is some circulation of air movement past the window glass and for this reason we use floor heat registrars not baseboard registrars. Lastly, remembering to keep your drapes and blinds open and removing your screens will also help keep that air path unrestricted.
Bottom line is that there are many causes and solutions to a window condensation problem but at the very least you must have a properly installed and energy efficient window as a starting point. We at Cobblestone Builders take extra care to insure your new windows meet only the highest standards with regards to installation and performance.

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