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You could have been contemplating a change of location for a while now. Let’s face it, not everywhere we live is great, and sometimes, we just have to accept it and make that big move… to move.

Before moving though, you do have to make a lot of considerations. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up in a similar place as the one you’re coming from. No matter what it is you want in your new place – fun, friends, quiet, culture, food… you name it – Washington County, WI is ready and prepared to fulfill your every need.

If you have never been to this area before, you don’t know just how much you might be missing out on. Think we’re kidding? Well, how about we dig into some of the reasons why a move to Washington County, WI is perfect for you?


  1. The Schools are Great

If you were wondering about the educational impact and success of Wisconsin, you suddenly have one less thing to worry about. The University of Wisconsin is known for its great Campuses and Freshman/ Sophomore colleges, both of which they have 13 of. When it comes to research in the field of biotechnology, this school happens to be one of the leading in the whole country.


  1. The Fun is Even Greater

All work and no play… you know the rest. Wisconsin is known for its high work rate, but that does not mean they don’t know how to throw a wicked party too. Asides from the daily fun you’ll get from the friendly neighbors, Friday nights (and Saturdays too) are always a litter of great parties.


  1. Beer Everywhere

If a bill was ever passed for changing the name of this region, something tells me they’ll change it to Beer-topia. When German immigrants (alongside their various brewing recipes) were coming into town, this city welcomed them all.

Now, that is paying off with about 3.9% of the state’s overall GDP coming from beer. Enough of the technical terms. Do you know how much fun beers can be? And just how happy are you that you can get various brands and brews of beer, all in the same place now?


  1. So Much Milk, So Much Cheese

Just because you can’t order a bottle of beer for your kids, Wisconsin has provided them with the option of milk. This place was not nicknamed the “Diary Capital of the World” for no reason.

If not for California, it would really have been the largest producer of milk in the world.

With great power comes great responsibility, they say. At Wisconsin, with ample milk comes marvelous cheese. Producing more than 20% of all the cheese products in the country, you’re missing out on a lot if you’re yet to taste this.


  1. Summerfest

If you’ve never been to Summerfest, you have no idea what the phrase “outdoor music concert” means.  Summerfest is held in Milwaukee every year and is recognized as the “Worlds Largest Outdoor Music Festival” by the Guiness Book of World Records.


  1. Quality of Life

There are a lot of things we could say here, and none of them alone would justify the quality of life of people in this region. Indoor water parks were a first to come out of Wisconsin. These days, they have been optimized so well, you can get even more fun underwater as you would on land.

The state is also home to nearly 500 golf courses. That lumps it up there with other states which boasts an awesome statistic of golfers to available courses.

The state is still sounding like a fish story….oh… speaking of fish story, did we mention fishing is awesome in Wisconsin? Yes, it is all there for your taking. It is a great place for just any kind of individual.

Seniors would also enjoy the serene life coupled with the wonderful scenery and fun moments. Lest we forget, did we tell you this is the home of the famous Harley Davidson bikes?

Are you considering a move to Wisconsin? Washington County is just the place to plant your roots.   You can find beautiful lots to build your new home in Crosswind Farms (in the town of Jackson) and the Twin Creeks (in the village of Jackson). If you are looking for a great home builder in Washington County, WI, we have got you covered when it comes to well built single family homes and brand new ranch style condominiums.