Spray foam is an excellent insulating product that when applied to the exterior walls expands 120 times its initial volume and then Spray Foam Application 1conforms and seals all penetrations to the outside.  This results in a home that provides superior thermal and energy efficiency performance, along with advanced air, moisture and sound control.  

There are two types of SPF (spray-applied polyurethane foam) insulation, open cell and closed cell.  The difference between these two is that open cell is a more flexible sponge like material comprised of millions of tiny cells that trap air in order to retain energy such as the conditioned air from your furnace or air conditioner.  Closed cell on the other hand has a denser more compact cell structure which offers a higher level of energy performance with improved thermal capabilities, advanced air sealing, vapor barrier performance and increases the structures racking strength by as much as 300 percent (National Home Builders Research Center Data).

We believe so strongly in the advantages of closed cell spray foam in the exterior walls and box sills over traditional insulation that it has been a standard in all of our new homes for many years.  Providing an energy efficient, comfortable, quiet and draft free home are just some of the benefits of building a home using spray foam and with Cobblestone Builders. 

Spray Foam Application

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