As with many products today there are many choices for a person to select from.  We at Cobblestone Builders have chosen Atlas Pinnacle roof shingles as our standard shingle for all of our new homes and condominiums for a variety of reasons.

Algae Streaking

Have you ever driven down a street and noticed a black streaking on a roof and wondered why this occurs?  Homes in a high humidity zone such as ours in Wisconsin are subject to this streaking which is a result of algae growth.  The resulting stain not only looks terrible but makes your house look old and dirty reducing the curb appeal and potentially the value of your home.

So how do you stop algae from destroying the curb appeal of your home?   Copper.  Copper simply put stops algae growth.  All Atlas roof shingles have 3M copper fortified granules evenly distributed across the entire surface preventing this streaking from happening.   It is this special blend of 3M copper roofing granules that allows Atlas to be labeled as a ScotchGuard Protected brand of shingle assuring you of the quality built within.

Besides protecting your new roof and keeping it looking great Atlas also provides a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects plus the algae streaking.  And in addition, a 130 mph wind warranty and a 15 year non-prorated labor and material coverage make this one of the best shingles on the market.Algae Zone Map

Understanding the products that go into a new home is the first step a homeowner can take to making sure the quality is built in.

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