Residential new home construction is a complex process involving many different trades and engaging a variety of building codes.  One of the building codes that we are governed by in the State of Wisconsin comes from the Department of Safety and Professional Services, Chapter 321, Construction Standards or as it is also known as Comm. 321. 

Comm. 321 has been adopted so that now all new residehome inspection residential new home constructionntial construction homes throughout the state are compliant with these codes before an occupancy permit will be issued.   It is the role then of the local building inspector to make sure that all new homes are built to these standards or above.

There are very specific times during the process of building a new home that the inspections are made and the work is inspected which then must pass or exceed the building codes.  The first inspection is made is just prior to the footings for the concrete walls being poured.  The next inspection deals with the rough framing of the structure.  Following that is an inspection of the plumbing, HVAC and electrical.  Once the approval of this work is completed the home is ready to insulate.  Approval of how the insulation was installed and how much is in place must occur before the next step of dry walling the interior walls will be allowed.  Lastly at the very end of the home build the inspector comes back to make absolutely sure that everything has been built to code and only when he or she is satisfied that all is correct an occupancy permit is issued allowing the home to receive occupants.


Obviously, the role of the building inspector is a very important part of the process so that the checks and balances are in place to make sure your new home is built to standards that make it safe and habitable.