Many new homes being built today are designed with accenting exterior stone products whether it be real stone or a man-made cultured stone product. So if you are building a new home which product should you use?

The Chalet


Real stone veneers are a timeless product that have been around for years and come in a couple of different options. They can be a full dimensional stone product which requires a ledge to be incorporated into the foundation for support or more recently a trend that we have been seeing is to use thin cut real stone which reduces the weight, installation time and as a result the cost.

The cultured stone product which is a man-made colorized concrete and formed to resemble stone has proven to be another very popular option because of its price point. There are many brands to choose from and to the untrained eye most people would be unaware that it is not actual stone.

Thin Stone Veneer


Interestingly, the process for applying thin cut real stone and cultured stone is basically the same. Both applications must be done with care since these products, once applied will absorb water, making proper drainage and moisture protection critical to both in order to properly protect your new home. To start the installation first a protective barrier is placed against the exterior sheathing along with a weep holes at the bottom of the veneer creating an area for the water to escape. Then a wire mesh is fastened to the sheathing and studs along with a coat of mortar troweled over the mesh and then scratched providing an irregular surface. Next the stone is applied after another coat of mortar is placed on the back side of the stone for adhesion and then colored mortar is typically applied in-between the stone and struck off resulting in a long lasting and visually appealing home exterior.

So the question as to which product to choose depends mainly on your budget and personal preference since both create beautiful accents to a home.

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