questions for home builderYou’ve saved and saved and the day has finally come – you’re ready to build your dream home. Now comes the hardest part – choosing your builder.  This process can feel overwhelming – even just thinking of the types of questions you want to ask. At Cobblestone Builders, we strongly encourage you to ask questions.  After all, how else do you know if you’re working with the best builder for you?

Questions for Home Builders:

  1. Can you build my home without exceeding my budget?

Your home is likely the biggest purchase you will ever make.  Setting a comfortable budget is something only you can do.  Let your builder know exactly what your budget is and make sure their estimate below that.  It’s always smart to leave a little cushion in the event you want some addition upgrades later on.

2. What kind of warranty do you offer and what IS and IS NOT covered?

This is a question you will want to ask up front – not when something goes wrong.  Make sure your warranty information is included in your contract.

3. How often will you give me updates during construction?

Ask the builder what the normal process is – and then come up with a plan that is satisfactory for you both. Most builders will be agreeable to the type of communication you expect.

4. Will I be welcome at the construction site as often as I please?

Again, it’s important to have a clear understanding of this beforehand. While you should always be able to stop by the construction site to monitor progress, it’s always a good idea to let your builder know first.  The builder will want to inform carpenters and other workers for security and safety purposes.

5. Do you have references?

After receiving references, it’s a good idea to speak with them.  Ask about any issues, how the overall process was and how satisfied they are.

6. If there are changes in cost on your end, or design on my end, how will it be handled?

It’s inevitable that you will decide to change something throughout the construction of your home.  This may affect material or labor cost.  It may also happen that a certain part of the process takes longer than originally estimated.  Make sure you have an agreement in place that you are notified of additional costs within a time frame acceptable to you.  Find out what your builder expects of you when it comes to changes on your end.