new home trends: Cobblestone Builders


While creating a custom space is all about making it your own, there are lessons to be deemed from the trends taking going into 2018. Let’s explore some of these design ideas.

Smarter, Greener, and Healthier

Energy saving appliances are only the beginning of a smarter, greener home. Some energy savvy improvements or upgrades from construction standards (like geothermal pumps) will even net you a tax credit. Take it a step further and make your home healthier with systems for clean air filtration and body-friendly surfaces.

Rethink That Media Room

With televisions in nearly every room of modern houses, why waste a perfectly good space on just media? Combine that idea with an adult game room or a kid’s play area. Keeping it on the main floor will assure its usefulness.

Use Outdoor Spaces to Their Fullest

The square footage that exists outside is all too often wasted. Fire pits, pizza ovens, lush and lighted landscaping, patios, and backyard spas will not only give you more room in which to live and entertain; they’re the perfect place for unwinding or recharging.

The Heart of the Home

Those beloved kitchens. They help sell homes and are where all your guests gather. But extravagant kitchens can cost big bucks! Think less stainless steel and more painted (colored) or glass appliances. Rather than expensive granite, consider countertops made from something different – perhaps an engineered stone.

Expand Your Horizons

When it comes to formal dining and living rooms, don’t assume that they have fallen away from the primary designs of new or remodeled homes. They exist – they have merely been reformatted. The living room now serves as a place in which to get away from media, as a parlor, a bar, or a library. The same can be said for dining rooms as they see bookcases being added or serve as entertainment areas for casual gatherings.

Stop Playing It Safe

Here are a few “risky” alternative ideas for changing things up a bit, in a daring exploration of hip-and-trendy:

  • Powder rooms – eclectic hardware or tiles, bold paint colors, and/or outrageous wallpaper
  • Stairs – floating staircases or designs that combine steel and iron. Intricate wood designs, patterned woods, and metal and glass combinations are perfect for the modern dream home.
  • Wallpapered ceilings – believe it or not, this 80’s trend is making a comeback. It can serve to make a small room look and feel larger

Open Spaces and Cleaner Lines

This may seem a bit contemporary, but gingerbread and ornate Victorian designs are giving way to open spaces and cleaner lines. Mediterranean architecture isn’t dead – but many are choosing to keep their European styling on the exterior while going with more open, modern concepts inside. Here are some examples:

  • More useable spaces – kitchens that open to dining areas and dens
  • Less waste – no more non-utilitarian, tiny rooms
  • Sliding, disappearing, and/or glass doors
  • Fewer hallways

Bring Nature Back

Rather than a wood floor stained in dark, dreary tones, bring nature back with a more natural and lighter finish. Wood finishes that are “washed” gray or white are also seeing renewed popularity. Floors that are simply “sealed” or are fumed, limed or bleached woods are extremely prevalent in many new homes and remodels. Want something more exotic? Consider stone floors, porcelain tiles, or some of today’s other engineered products.

Use these ideas and tips as guidelines or initiate your own creative techniques. Who knows – the concepts that you develop today may be the renovation and construction trends of 2019!