In recent years, condominiums have become a more popular investment choice for good reasons. Condos give consumers the advantage of being homeowners with fewer responsibilities like exterior upkeep and cost. With the price of condos being significantly less than single-family homes, intelligent buyers will find themselves with extra cash to invest elsewhere potentially. Before you run out and buy a luxury condo, Cobblestone Builders wants you to understand why it’s your best investment and how to decide on the perfect unit.

Location, Location, Location

Ask any land developer, and they will all tell you that the most critical decision you will make when purchasing a new luxury condo is its location. The location of a condo directly impacts its value as an investment. This is why overall, choosing the right site is crucial. When selecting the location to purchase your new home, consider luxury condos for sale in areas that you frequent. Is the condominium in a neighborhood you’d like to call home? How close are the schools, shopping malls, and hospitals? Is there a professional area nearby, or will you need to commute to work? If you commute, how will you do so? In a car? Train? Bus? Is the condo on a route that makes your commute convenient, even in inclement weather? Do you have children or want children soon? Are schools nearby? Is there a lot of development happening in the area? 

Jot down points that are important to you and your lifestyle. Consider these points when choosing the location of your potential new home. If you’re searching for luxury condos for sale in Washington County, you’ll be surrounded by a plethora of large companies like McCormick Industries, Hein Manufacturing, Frito-Lay, and Vulcan.

Amenities are Essential

When you’re looking at purchasing a luxury condo, one of the first things people notice is the amenities offered. The term luxury makes you think of richness and leisure. What type of amenities does the condo development offer? Luxury condos for sale offer feature like pools, lakefront property, scenic views, community spaces, and recreation. Kettle Ridge Condominiums at Pike Lake, a new construction luxury condo unit located in Washington County, WI, provides just that kind of opulence. The one-of-a-kind condo units on the lake give homeowners private beach exclusivity, shared amongst only ten condo owners. This retreat-like setting delivers on luxury with its endless tranquility alone. If you’re interested in luxury condos for sale in Washington County, contact Cobblestone Builders to discuss the opportunity Kettle Ridge Condos presents.

Luxury Condos Need Spectacular Views

When you’re touring luxury condos for sale, you should always consider the views and scenery that come with the condo. Breathtaking views increase the value of homes, meaning you get more bang for your buck. Views of parks, lakes, or landmarks help give a condo unit more value by showcasing the nearby area to potential buyers. 

When looking at luxury condos for sale in Washington County, you’re surrounded by beautiful scenery. Kettle Moraine boasts a picturesque strip of glacial landforms, creating rolling hills, lakes, and the Horicon Marsh. This area stretches through the southeastern section of Wisconsin and provides the perfect habitat for egrets, herons, pelicans, ducks, geese, and a wide variety of songbirds. When you visit the area, you’ll not only see the stunning wildlife and landscape; you’ll hear nature. 

This beauty leads directly to the front door of Kettle Ridge Condominiums. Built on Pike Lake, residents of this relaxing new development will enjoy terrific views, enjoy camping, swimming, hiking, fishing, and kayaking. Individual boat slips are standard with your purchase of a Kettle Ridge Condo, adding to the resort-like setting.

Ready to Build a Luxury Condo?

Building a luxury condo is exciting! After considering the numerous aspects of investing in a condo, you’ve decided to take the leap! Now is the time to start your journey with a luxury condo developer like Cobblestone Builders. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy life in the affluent Kettle Moraine area! Recognized as one of southeastern Wisconsin’s premier home and condominium builders, Cobblestone has been building cost-efficient homes and condos since 1990. One look at the Kettle Ridge Condominium development, and you will see why they are such a sought-after custom home builder. 

Paying extra attention to how their building material impact the environment, Cobblestone Builders uses only the most environmentally friendly, high-quality building materials and processes. Through their use of superior building materials, combined with their unique open-concept floor plans, Cobblestone condos have a distinctive look and noticeable curb appeal. But the fun doesn’t stop there. 

Each Kettle Ridge Condo is completely customizable. Units are offered in single-story, ranch-style duplexes and single-family condominium unit homesites. The duplexes are approximately 2,000 square feet and consist of 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a 2-plus car garage. These units are built by the developer themselves. The single-family condos present a unique opportunity to buyers as they are allowed to choose any builder they’d like while adhering to the list of building restrictions provided and must be approved before construction.  

Live, love, and play every day just a few steps from your front door.