Making your way to the heart of our country you will come upon a quaint, n’ timeless slice of Americana. Nestled in between the pull of the nearby modern metropolis of Milwaukee and the beauty and solace of the natural, hearty surroundings of Washington County is a small Village. This perfect piece of pie is the Village of Jackson Wisconsin. The Village of Jackson is partially within the town, as is the community of Kirchhayn, a friendly merger of warmth, harmony, and community.

The friendships in this area of the country are trustworthy and dependable, the folks out here hold each other up. They’re genuine in their commitment to creating a successful flourishing community based on real family values, as well as a reliable country work ethic. There are no strangers in Jackson, only helpful neighbors, smiles and the warmth of a clean and straightforward way of life. Jackson is not loud or out in the forefront, but the folks here don’t need it to be; Jackson is a natural gem all on its own.

It’s a no wonder why Cobblestone Builders is developing the community of Cobblestone Meadows. This premier subdivision in the Village of Jackson, Wisconsin offers twenty-two beautiful homesites for those who want to live their best life in a community that offers so much more.

The Jackson historical society and others hold endless community, family-oriented events all year round. They also put out information and links to events and gatherings organized by surrounding communities. From little league ball games, movie and music nights in the park, to art fairs, and farmer’s markets, There is more than enough to keep the whole family busy with fun-filled activities all year round.

Just off Highway 60, easily accessible from either I-41 on the west or I-43 on the east sits The Jackson Marsh Wildlife Refuge roughly containing approximately 2,400 acres of wetlands, ponds, grasslands, woodlands and more. Cedar Creek runs through the entirety of the refuge; it is a tributary to the Milwaukee River. All these natural resources, allow everyone young and old, to engage with nature be it as an observer or full participant. The Village of Jackson gives you opportunities that in most towns are hours away, but here they’re in your back pocket, be it fishing, hiking, hunting or just enjoying some quiet time under a tree gazing at the stars. Or find yourself a guide and gather wild edibles to create clean organic earth to table meals for you and your construction jackson wi

The Village of Jackson is young with the median age being at about 38 years old, very affordable and economically stable and trending upward. The average yearly income is just over fifty thousand, and average home cost less than two hundred thousand. The average work commute is less than twenty-five minutes, just a simple, straightforward little rural drive. The area is littered with farms and numerous resources so anyone can live their best life by taking advantage of all the bounties within or just beyond the Village’s doors.

No doors are ever closed to in Jackson, no light that will not be turned on for you, there’s always a warm smile to be found. This community is tied together by its people because it is nature which creates the surroundings, bedding, and foundation of a Village, but it is the people that make, maintain and keep this simple little community beautifully tranquil, Jackson is a sweet taste of all the best we the people have to offer.

Live your best life in the Village of Jackson, WI. There are 22 homesites available to choose from in the Jackson premeir community of Cobblestone Meadows. You can build your home with Cobblestone Builders or bring your own builder.  For more information, contact Cobblestone Builders.