The IoT is making some fantastic changes in the home building and real estate industries. However, what is IoT? Moreover, what are these changes?

First, the IoT means the “Internet of Things,” also known as the Physical Web. In general, it is the network of objects both inside and outside the home that has the software installed to connect with the internet to apply, share, and collect data. Each of these items can talk to each other through the internet.

IoT Explained

Still Too “Techie” Sounding?
Here’s a more natural explanation: It’s a cold winter evening, and you’re driving home from work. You turned down the thermostat before you left this morning, but when you get back, you’ll have to huddle in a blanket until the house warms up. Alternatively, have a weekend cottage? You may have your thermostat set to remain low during the week and warm up on weekends. However, what if you can’t get away this weekend? Now you’re heating an empty cottage.

With IoT, the thermostat connects to a wireless network. You download an app on your phone and can control the temperature of your home from anywhere. You can also set up zones in your house to have different temperatures in each area. So, you can turn up the heat on your way home from work, and things will be nice and toasty when you walk in. Or you can remotely change the temperature if you’re not able to get to your cottage for a few weeks.

Intelligent Technology
The IoT was created to simplify and automate activities such as locking doors, setting the security system, turning on interior and exterior lights, starting the dishwasher, or even lowering window shades. If there’s no movement in a room or the entire house, systems will automatically turn off lights or turn down the heat, etc. saving homeowners money on utility bills. Sensors are installed both inside and outside the home to monitor and collect data to be analyzed and used to optimize the way you live and use energy. As the system learns your patterns, the HVAC and lights will be turned on or off without even pressing a button.

How Does IoT Relate to the Home Building and Real Estate?

Changes in the Building and Real Estate Industries
As custom homes are being built and new waves of technology created, builders and future homeowners are finding innovative ways of installing and using the IoT in new homes. Also, realtors and home buyers are communicating and interacting with each other through the IoT.

For example, there are small devices with Bluetooth capability that can emit a URL. When a home buyer is in range, the smartphone will detect a signal and send a notification. This notification tells the prospective buyer that there’s a nearby home for sale. Information about the house is transmitted, and the buyer can decide whether they are interested in seeing the home without having to call the realtor or builder first. The realtor and/or builder gather data as to how many people drove by, how many were interested in seeing the house, etc.

The Future of the IoT
As Millennials and Gen Xers begin to purchase homes, their expectations will be very different from their Baby Boomer parents and counterparts. “Smart” devices and the IoT will be an expected service, not just an exciting addition to the home. 

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