Today’s smart consumer shopping for a new home should be sure to understand the concept behind a HERS rating. A HERS or Home Energy Rating System is a nationally recognized rating that allows you the consumer to take the guess work out when comparing a home’s energy efficiency.

HERS Index

Homes may look alike from the outside but how do they compare on the inside or behind the walls? The builder or salesperson may tell you all about their quality products they have installed and how great they are but in reality did they care enough to make sure that these quality components were installed correctly providing you with the best possible installation? The HERS index uncovers these truths with specific diagnostic testing and brings these facts to a rating system that is easy to understand and more importantly gives you the consumer a tool to make critical comparisons between the way a new home, existing home or multi-family home has been built.

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For example, a typical new home on the HERS index scale would be rated at 100 and an existing home depending on its age 110 or higher.   Based on this scale with a new home at 100 the lower the score achieved the higher the energy efficiency of the home. So if a home is rated at 70 it is 30% more efficient than a typical new home or if it is rated at 110 it is 10% less efficient than a typical new home. A home that would be rated 0 would be a home that is called a zero energy home. When this is achieved it means that the total amount of energy used roughly equals the amount of renewable energy created onsite through the use of photovoltaic and wind sources along with highly efficient HVAC, lighting techniques and water conservation.

So when you are assessing builders and their homes be sure to ask about their HERS rating number to be assured you are purchasing a proven and tested energy efficient home. A Cobblestone Builders home is usually rated at a 54 or 46% more efficient than a typical new home saving you money each and every day.

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