Choosing a lotHow to choose a lot is just as important as choosing the right home builder. The perfect home on a less than desirable lot defeats the entire purpose of having the home of your dreams in the first place. It’s a package deal – the lot and the building. Looking at Land for saleBoth must be just right.

So how does one go about choosing the right lot? Here are a few guidelines to help you make that decision.

Your Lot Selection

Where Do You Want to Live?

Silly question? Not exactly. There are some general aspects to consider when deciding where to put your new house. You will want to check out the neighborhood even before thinking about looking at the lot. A beautiful lot in a questionable area isn’t so attractive after all. How close will this location be to work?

If you have a family, there are a multitude of things to consider. How are the schools in this area? Are there difficult streets to cross or is it on a busy corner? What is the crime rate?

Do you want to live in or near a city? Or has country living always been your dream? There are pluses and minuses to both locations.

And here is a consideration that may surprise you, because not everyone thinks about it: Are you selecting a lot to fit the home you want? Or will you be building a home that suits the lot you purchase? It’s been done both ways! Which will suit you best?

Asking the Right Questions

You’ve found a site that you think shows promise. Get a feel for it. Walk around. Spend some time. Here are a few questions you want to consider:

  • What will the landscaping entail?
  • Will the geological layout be a problem (streams, hills, etc.)?
  • Will one side of your home face the sun? Do you want it to? And while you’re at it, how is the view?
  • Where will your entryway and driveway be?
  • Will the house you build be crowded on this lot?

Problems You May Encounter

You may need some expert advice in this category, but there are certain aspects to watch for when looking at a lot upon which to build your home. These can include any of the following:

  • Cost Versus Condition – As tempting as it may be to save money on the land (so that you’ll have more with which to build your home), do not give in to this temptation. You may end up spending a ton of money making the lot more suitable for the construction of your home. So, what have you really saved in the long run?
  • Building Codes, Zoning, etc. – Is there access to public utilities? Will easements for telephone and electrical poles limit your home space? Check all of the building codes, ordinances regulations, etc. How close can you build your home to a lake, stream, the road, the property line, etc.? And find out if, due to zoning, your magnificent view may someday be invaded by a high-rise or warehouse.
  • The Condition of the Land – How disruptive are nearby businesses (railroad, highway, airport)? Is there sufficient drainage to assure that you will not have flooding or water runoff to worry about? Are sinkholes or landslides common in the area? You may even want to have the soil checked for hazardous conditions.

If you’re considering a lot in Cobblestone Meadows Subdivision, or you’ve settled on Cobblestone Builders to build your home, you’re in luck! The owners are hands-on and readily available to meet with you. Typically, Dirk & Stevie Wildt will meet you at your lot prior to the actual purchase to give you a second opinion and some recommendations.  During this meeting, discussions will include;

  • The type of home you are looking to build, ranch or two-story
  • Approximate sq ft of the home if you do not have a design yet
  • How large of a lot are you are looking for?
  • Are you looking for a full walkout, if so, does the lot support this type of construction?
  • Are you looking for a partial lookout and if so, does the lot support this type of construction?
  • Which side of the lot will the garage go? It is best to try to have the garage on the high side of the lot if possible, to help contain additional costs for the stone that would be needed if the garage area would have to be filled in.
  • Which way would you prefer your new home to face
  • There would be a review of the covenants so you would understand what you are going to be required to build and the restrictions that you would be responsible for
  • Is there a homeowner’s association you must belong to and if so what are the fees?
  • What is an ACC (Architectural Control Committee) and how it can impact the design of the home
  • Proximity to the gas and electric. This is good to understand since the utilities provide the first 100 ft of hook up and after that, the customer must pay.  Not an issue at Cobblestone Meadows all lots are within 100 ft
  • Type of sewer and water that is available. Does it have municipal service (Cobblestone Meadows does) or will they need a POWTS (private onsite wastewater treatment system) and a well?  The POWTS and well cost substantiality more than the hookup costs for the municipal service
  • Is there a survey of the lot or plat? Are there topography lines shown on the survey or plat?
  • Is gas available to the lot? Not an issue at Cobblestone Meadows
  • Are there trees that must be cut down? Not an issue at Cobblestone Meadows
  • Are they interested in solar panels or geothermal? Solar panels are not allowed in Cobblestone Meadows

As you can see, there’s plenty to learn on how to choose a lot to build your home on.

Once you have found that perfect lot, you’ll need a home builder to match. In southeastern Wisconsin, one of the most sought-after custom home builders is Cobblestone Builders. Since 1990, Cobblestone has constructed cost-efficient, high-quality condominiums, and homes throughout Waukesha, Washington, Racine, and Milwaukee counties. Cobblestone Builders can build you the perfect house to match your ideal lot.