Hiring the right home builder is the most important decision you make regarding building a new home. Creating the place your family calls home – from the design process until you have your keys in hand – requires confidence in your builder/client relationship. Here are two ways on how to choose a home builder you can trust. 


Quality Comes First


No one builds a home as a temporary place to stay. This residence will be your home for years ahead. You will start a family in this home. You will measure your children’s growth in the door frame. Memories of this home will be the foundation for your family. This is why quality matters. 


When looking for a home builder you can trust, start with their workmanship. Ask for references; talk to past and present clients. Inquire about the type of materials and products used to build your home – from faucets to framing. 


Ask prospective builders how they back their quality. Our standards are among the highest in new home construction. And because of the high-caliber products we use, exceptional people we work with, and extensive knowledge of home building, we proudly offer all of our customers a full, two-year warranty. 


Open Communication


The key to every successful relationship, working or personal, is establishing and maintaining an open line of communication. A trustworthy home builder listens to your dreams and ideas, suggests the best way to achieve them, and strives to help you understand the home building process. 


Just as important as open communication is timely communication. Knowing your home builder is there for you establishes a bond that extends through the home building process, and for years to come. 


Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Trustworthy home builders will gladly give you a detailed timeline, estimate, and progress updates. They will share their building mishaps and own responsibility. They will show you how problems were resolved and what they do to prevent them from happening again. 


Award-Winning Trust


The Cobblestone Builders’ Mission of Trust, established with our company 30 years ago, is built on honesty, integrity, trust, and performance. These principles drive every home we build.  


HONESTY is something that we practice but that which is instilled.

INTEGRITY is what we believe our moral principals are to be and should be.

TRUST is believing that we will do right for our customers without bias or prejudice.

PERFORMANCE is how we carry out our mission of trust without hesitation each and every time.


Cobblestone Builders’ reputation of trust has made us one of the most desired home builders in the southeastern Wisconsin area. Our use of superior materials and our transparent business practices led to multiple Torch Awards for Ethics. This Better Business Bureau award is bestowed upon businesses that execute the highest in business ethics, honesty, and integrity. Cobblestone Builders is a home builder you can trust! 

Contact the Award Winning Cobblestone Builders when you’re ready to build your new home or condominium. We’re real quality, real value, and real people.