Focus on Energy is an energy efficiency and renewable resource program funded statewide by various partnering Wisconsin Utilities. The goal of the program is to help Wisconsinites reduce energy consumption thus preserving our resources and as a result saving homeowners and businesses money.Focus on Energy

Building a Focus on Energy home requires a higher level of concern by the builder, plus exacting requirements must be met in order to conform to the program so that you can be assured your new home is built energy efficient. A few of these mandatory items are:

  1. Regulating the relative humidity inside the home by managing moisture with the use of a sealed sump crock, a centralized de-humidistat control and/or continuous ventilation
  2. Controlling carbon monoxide through the use of sealed & power vented appliances and monitoring potential problems with detectors
  3. Additional moisture control by sealing any plumbing penetrations through the basement floor and supplying spot ventilation for bathrooms and electric or gas ranges
  4. Basement foundation insulation. The foundation must be insulated to its full height with at least an R-5 insulation board. Cobblestone Builders standard is R-10.
  5. An attic access hatch that is insulated (R-20) and gasketed, preventing air exchange
  6. Framing and insulation techniques reducing air penetrations into your home thus reducing drafts
  7. An onsite visual inspection during construction by a Focus on Energy consultant to make sure the framing and insulation are being maximized for energy cost reduction
  8. Performance testing and reporting by an Focus on Energy consultant validating and documenting test results for conformity to the guidelinesThermal Imaging

Cobblestone Builders has been building homes and condominiums to these exacting requirements since 2004 and on an average we build our homes 28% more efficient than a code approved home. By “building it right and building it tight” our homes save homeowners approximately $600 per year in energy costs, have a higher resale value and reduced maintenance concerns.

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