Finding a home builder can feel like an overwhelming task. One of the first steps is seeking out a qualified custom home builder you can trust. While many people adore a particular model home or even the decor of that home, there are many other factors to consider. So, how do you know if a builder is right for your home-building project?

Finding a Home Builder

Congratulations! You’ve decided to build a custom home for you and your family! Where and how do you find a reputable company to embark on this journey with? Nowadays, most people begin with a simple Google search. Wrong Answer, and we’ll tell you why. 

Step One: Ask for Referrals

Do you have friends or family that have built a home? Is there a specific home you’ve driven by that caught your eye? We suggest starting with this question: “Who built your home, and what was your experience with them?” It may sound too easy, but it is. In this day and age, people eagerly recommend or strongly discourage you from using a particular home builder based on their personal experience. And while it’s okay to do an internet search for a potential home builder, we also urge you to ask them for referrals. Be blunt in your question and determine how the builder handles costs, time, and troubleshooting situations. Here are a few examples: 

Was your builder responsive to your concerns?

Did your builder take responsibility for things that went wrong, or mistakes made?

Was it easy to communicate with your builder?

Step Two: Select a Builder that Understands You

Communication is key to a healthy relationship, especially between a home builder and a client. You are making the most significant investment of your life, and the home-building process is long and detailed. There will be snags along the way. Contractors make mistakes, supplies get delayed, and weather interferes with your timetable. These things happen, but when a home builder handles these situations with professionalism and grace, they don’t have to ruin the entire experience. You want a home builder who deals with problems promptly and courteously. 

Step Three: Get Detailed Pricing Information

When thinking about finding a home builder, money talks. But money conversations are difficult for many of us. It’s imperative that you don’t let any unease stop you from getting to the bottom line before you sign any contract. Many builders boast all-inclusive or base pricing deals that seem appealing. But costs quickly add up when you’re adding new faucets or a finished basement or crown molding. You have to understand all costs associated with building your new home. If you don’t, it makes selecting amenities much more difficult. To avoid any unexpected costs down the road, ask your prospective builder these essential questions: 

What is included in my bottom line?

What is NOT included in my bottom line?

Will I see all invoices before they are paid?

Will you explain added costs and be transparent throughout the building process?

Step Four: Set Expectations and Get Expectations

By this point, you’ve mastered finding a home builder and made your selection. But before the pen hits the paper, have a candid conversation with your builder. Let them know what your expectations are and be realistic about them. Conversely, ask your builder what their expectations are for you. For example, some builders expect you to make decisions upfront, while others are more go-with-the-flow. Having this conversation and setting a timeline with each other early on helps to prevent problems during the home-building process. Make sure you both have a clear understanding of budget expectations and be direct about your communication style. If it’s important to you to know every detail of the project, ask for that. Some builders may not be in touch as often as you’d prefer. It’s better to know these things before you commit to each other. 

Step Five: Getting Started on Your New Home Building Project

Now that you know how to hire a home builder let’s talk about the best approach for building a custom home. Whether you have a full set of detailed plans or just a rough sketch of what your dream home looks like, meet with your builder and bring your ideas. The more inspiration you provide, the more likely the builder is to envision your dream home. Discuss your concept along with your budget during the initial planning phase. Your builder will be able to tell you if your plan is feasible within your budgetary constraints. If it’s not, they will provide new, creative ideas to help get you closer to your vision. Make a list of your priorities, what you must have, and what you can live without, and allow your builder to guide you into making informed, satisfying choices. 

Cobblestone Builders

When it comes to finding a home builder in Southeastern Wisconsin, Cobblestone Builders ranks at the top of the list. Our sought-after team has been building cost-efficient, high-quality, green homes and condominiums since 1990! Centrally located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, our homes are recognized throughout Ozaukee, Waukesha, Racine, Milwaukee, and Washington Counties. 

Experts in Design AND Communication

Cobblestone homes are not only denoted by our use of premium building materials, superior supplies, and environmentally friendly processes. Our homes get recognized for their distinctive looks, open-concept floor plans, and stunning curb appeal. But that’s not even the best part! If you’re looking for exceptional communication, Cobblestone Builders is the builder for you. 

We strongly believe in educating our clients on the entire building process. We’ve even gone a step further and expanded that goal to include the general public. Through our television segment series, Talkin’ Construction, we answer user-submitted home-building-related questions. We showcase local vendors and contractors that share their expansive knowledge with viewers. We believe it’s our duty to have open communication and transparency in every aspect of our business! 

To talk to one of our home building experts or to ask a question, contact us today at 262-502-9344 or visit our website!