Energy Efficiency: Not All Home Builders Are Created Equal | CobblestoneMany potential home buyers, looking to buy new homes in particular, assume that every new home is built equally. When you read articles about energy efficiency of new homes, a home buyer is going to assume that every new home they tour is going to have the same energy benefits as the top energy efficient homes. That’s simply not true.

A recent survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) asked home builders how often they build homes that are certified as energy efficient by an independent program run by State or local jurisdiction. Surprisingly, a whopping 48% said they “NEVER/ALMOST NEVER” get their homes certified. That means that over half do certify their homes, right? Wrong. Only 22% “ALWAYS/ALMOST ALWAYS” gets their homes certified.

What this means to you, a potential new home buyer, is that only a quarter of the homes out there are build to energy efficiency standards that you are expecting. These new homes that aren’t certified as energy efficient might look well built, and feature finishes that are impressive on first glance. However, once you move in to your new home and get your first energy bill, you might be surprised to find that you are spending a lot more than you were expecting.

At Cobblestone Builders, we’re proud to be included in this group who build energy efficient homes that are certified. We know that in special climates where weather is a huge factor, like Wisconsin, our clients expect us to build a home that is not only top quality but also not going to come with a huge energy bill.