Concrete is a composite material made up of Portland cement which originates from a limestone and clay mixture, aggregate and water. This mixture when used and formed hardens into a durable stone like material that has many uses.Concrete wood plank floor

When we typically think of concrete our thoughts are of a material used in foundations, roads, driveways and patios that is gray in color and offers excellent long lasting properties. But have you ever considered concrete as a decorative material? Today we have many choices extending beyond the usual gray surface we are familiar with to enhancing our homes appearance.

Stamped concrete is a process where the concrete flatwork is patterned to resemble brick, slate, stone, tile or even wood planking. These distinctive patterns are then colored, enhancing their overall appearance and beauty. Acid staining is a water based surface penetrant that produces a permanent color that will not peel or flake and generates a very unique and attractive marbleized appearance to your patio or basement floor. Dyeing concrete is another popular option. Here the contractor applies a pigment which is either water or solvent based penetrating into the concrete resulting in a solid color. Using this technique and by simply adding a colored border around a patio, sidewalk or driveway will create a beautiful look. Epoxy coatings are layered over the top of the concrete. This coating provides a topcoat that protects the concrete from salt and other abrasive materials and can be used to refurbish a concrete surface that has been damaged. Then with the addition of aggregate or colored chips sprinkled into the surface this coating is not only durable but good-looking as well.Acid stained concrete

Have you considered concrete countertops? A relatively newer addition to the use of concrete that with the use of stains, pigments, decorative aggregates and or epoxy coatings makes a statement with its unique feel and appearance.

Concrete offers us so many options and has proven itself to being a truly versatile and long lasting product that with the proper care will beautify your new home for many years to come. Ask a qualified and insured contractor to help you make your selection.

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