The benefits of new construction homes have propelled them to the forefront of new home searches. While everyone’s must-have list is different, we think you’ll see that the advantages of buying a new construction home surpass those of purchasing a pre-owned home. 




The financial benefit of new construction homes includes their low maintenance costs. New appliances, plumbing, and heating and cooling systems reduce, if not eliminate, the cost of repairs and upkeep for many years.


Today’s home builders incorporate the newest technologies and time-tested techniques, following safety and building codes, to construct homes that require minimal maintenance. By spending less money on unexpected repairs, homeowners have more time to get acquainted with their new neighborhood. 



By integrating modern technology, new construction homes consist of green building materials and environmentally-conscious construction practices. This gives homeowners peace of mind and reduced utility bills.


Cobblestone Builders pride themselves on their expertise in building energy-efficient homes. Every part of the home is considered during the building process – from the foundation to the framing and the windows to the roof. Every Cobblestone home is Certified Energy-Efficient by a Focus on Energy Consultant, ensuring a high-rated, money-saving home. 




One of the biggest benefits of new construction homes is that they’re move-in ready. There’s no painting, replacing flooring, updating cabinets, or making repairs. New construction homes allow you to immediately enjoy designer finishes and fixtures that were hand-picked during the construction phase. These homes are perfect for home buyers that want to move-in and get back to their busy life. 


Home Warranty


Like any large purchase, you want to know you’re protected from any potential issue that arises. Home warranties give you the confidence in knowing costly water heater repairs or foundation leaks will be taken care of by the home builder. Pre-owned homes rarely offer this protection, and oftentimes flaws aren’t exposed until after you’ve settled in.


Cobblestone Builders’ high standards make certain every home consists of top-notch materials and experienced contractors. Because of the quality that is built into each new home, we offer customers a full two-year home warranty. 


Modern Design


Pre-owned homes are often outdated, with boxy floor plans, old appliances, and small rooms. New construction homes present home buyers with open, airy floor plans, elevated ceilings, and brand new appliances. Builders put a lot of thought into the active lifestyles of today’s homebuyers – and design their homes with this in mind. 


Whether you purchase a spec home or custom-built home, you’re starting with a clean slate. Entertaining guests and maximizing living space comes naturally in these homes with kitchen islands, strategically-placed bathrooms, mudrooms, and expansive lower-level and outdoor space.


New Homes in Southeastern Wisconsin

If you’re ready to start building, have questions about new construction homes, or just want to compare floor plans in southeastern Wisconsin, visit Cobblestone Builders. We design our homes to fit your life, using high-quality, cost-effective materials in tandem with the most knowledgable contractors and designers in the area. If you want a distinctive look and unparalleled curb appeal, give us a call

*Source: New Home Source