Cobblestone Builds Energy-Efficient Homes

When making the decision between building a new home and buying an older home, potential homebuyers will often look at the cost as the deciding factor. They see the possible higher costs of a new build as prohibitive. However, those buyers aren’t taking into account a major difference between new builds and older homes, energy-efficiency. The bottom line is new homes are more energy-efficient.

Older Homes Aren’t Efficient

Older homes come with lots of efficiency questions. Are the windows drafty? Are the appliances older? Is the insulation up to par? Was the house built to efficiency standards? Many buyers will gloss over these questions because the price tag of the home might be less than a new build. Unfortunately, these questions will prove costly over time. In the excitement of moving to a new home, these buyers have no clue they are potentially wasting thousands of dollars a year because they went with an older home.

Why Build A New Home?

Building a new home is, without a doubt, the most energy-efficient solution. From the ground up, your homebuilder can detail exactly what design and products can be installed that will lead to the most energy efficiency. This doesn’t mean that you have to install solar panels and the like to be efficient. No, this goes to using the best installation, quality appliances, windows, and heating/cooling units, which all can save money instantly.

What Savings Can You Expect?

It’s said that an energy-efficient new home can save 3,449 kWh of power per year. What does that mean? That’s enough energy to power your TV for 11 years, your washer for 4 years, and a coffee maker for 32 years. Also, there are monetary benefits outside of savings. There are potential tax deductions and mortgage benefits when building a “green” home. On top of all of this, building an energy-efficient home will also greatly increase your resale value. So, down the line, if you decide to sell your home, you can expect a much higher value than an older home.

Trust The Experts

At Cobblestone Builders, we build the best energy-efficient homes. Period. A home built by us is 40-50% MORE EFFICIENT than a standard new home. When you choose Cobblestone Builders, you are ensuring you get the best quality and most energy-efficient home possible