When building a new home you want it to be energy efficient, cost effective, sturdy and built to last. One of the most important components that are specified during the build of a new home is the way the floor system is engineered and built. A bad flooring design will result in a bouncy and unstable feeling along with a greater potential for squeaks which will create problems for years to come. I-Joist Basement View We at Cobblestone Builders require our floors to meet demanding requirements over and above the normal building code. Starting with the proper engineering we specify a floor that is rated L/480 achieving a no more than a 0.3 inch deflection. We are able to provide this rigid floor system by utilizing I-Joist which provide the strength, stability and consistency throughout the home. Then over the top of these support members we place another quality product, Top Notch 350 floor sheathing, which is glued, nailed and screwed down into place. LP I-Joist So what is an I-Joist? Basically let’s start out by having you picture a steel beam with its “I” shape having a top and lower flange. Then picture a solid web between the upper and lower flange combining the two. Make these all these components out of wood and now you have an I-Joist. I-joist come in different depths and flange sizes allowing them to span farther distances than traditional dimensional lumber and importantly will not bow, crown, twist cup check or split! Combine this with that fact that there are less trees used in the manufacturing process and not only do you have a better more stable floor but also one that is “Green” helping to conserve our natural resources. I-Joist Cobblestone Builders Building Better For You!