During the construction process of a new home it is exposed to a variety of weather conditions of which many are moisture related. The sub floors are especially vulnerable and are not fully protected until the home is completed with a roof, soffits and siding. This is why Cobblestone Builders has made the decision to provide for our customers sub floors that are engineered to withstand these conditions in order to eliminate seam swelling. Top Notch 350 made in America by Louisiana Pacific is the product we have chosen to overcome this issue.

The Top Notch 350 product has many benefits besides its ability to “weather the storm”. It is an OSB product that is a blend of rectangular wood strands combined with thermal set adhesives and certified by the APA. It is a self-spacing flooring virtually eliminating the use of sledgehammers to position the sheathing and incorporates rain groove technology with a moisture resistant edge sealant. Superior strength, sanded to a consistent thickness along with a 50 year transferrable warranty makes this a superior product.

Top Notch comes in three different choices, the 250 brand which is the leader in commodity flooring, next the 350 brand which offers the advanced technology and a 100 day no sand warranty and lastly the 450 brand which provides the longest no sand warranty, 200 days!

This family of floor sheeting also is a Green Product using wood as a renewable resource combined with SFI Forest Management by targeting small but fast growing trees that are replenished quickly. For all these reasons we at Cobblestone Builders have chosen this superior product as a standard for our clients.

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