Reviews and Testimonials for Cobblestone Builders in Menomonee Falls.

Your opinion matters. Because of you, we are committed to providing world class customer service before, during and after the building process.

Bob & Mina

Isn’t it great when the builder listens to you, provides suggestions and involves you in the design, features and budget decisions?

Then the finished product is another quality home by Cobblestone Builders.

Glen and Judy

A year has passed since we moved into the home you built for us and we still remain as thrilled with it as the first day we moved in.

The construction process went along so smoothly and although we had a lot of input and had very many decisions to make it was always a pleasure.

Your quality of construction was outstanding and as we toured the home during the construction process many of our friends commented on the high standards to which the home was built.

Any minor issues we brought to you after the construction were completely resolved to our satisfaction.

Thank you for your continued care and concern long after the construction was completed.

Our sincere complements to you and your crew for a job well done.


Ed and Norma

It’s only been two months since we moved into our new home and there has been no question that we made the right decision by choosing Cobblestone Builders. You listen to all our concerns no matter how big or small, and you resolve any problems quickly. You aim to please and you have succeeded.

We believe that you are one of the best and most honest builders around and will give you the highest recommendations.

Not only do we love our new home, but we also love the area.


Jim and Helen

We had been looking around the area for a condominium for about 2 years. We toured the models in Cobblestone Trails Subdivision of Jackson and were impressed with the quality inside and out.

In our conversations with Cobblestone Builders we discovered we would be able to actually customize one of the units to our lifestyle. This was the only condominium builder we talked with that would build us our condo home with an attached 3 car garage, we didn’t hesitate, we signed a contract!

During our building process we found the builder to be as particular with our home as if it were theirs. Our home was built with perfection and excellent quality. This is our fourth building venture and the only contractor we would go back to and not hesitate to recommend out of the others we have been involved with.

We are happy and proud of our Custom Condominium.

Jim & Rosemary

We just wanted to let you know how happy we are and to thank you for our lovely condo at Lane Oak Estates.

From the beginning of the building process we were offered so many options to make our condo truly unique. We had a lot of input into what we wanted the finished product to be. The allowances were generous and the vendors were very helpful. The tradesmen were professional and knew their jobs well. Any glitches along the way were taken care of immediately.

After our first year we had a few minor problems which you took care of in a very timely manor.

We are very happy with our condo and get many complements from friends, family and strangers. Thank you for making our first building experience a good one.

Thanks again for everything; we would recommend Cobblestone Builders to anyone.


Mike and Chris

When Chris and I contemplated building a new home the first builder that came to mind was Cobblestone Builders. Chris and I were aware of Cobblestone through past and present customers. We researched other builders and have been beyond pleased with our decision to choose Cobblestone. When Chris and I compared a Cobblestone home to others it was an easy decision to choose Cobblestone. Other builders tried to sway us by their “special” deals such as “x”amount of dollars in upgrades. The upgrades that other builders offered were standard for Cobblestone, which saved a lot of confusion. Also, a majority of Cobblestone standards were already higher grade than the upgrades that were offered by other builders. One other major factor that helped us in our decision was the 2 year warranty; we could not find any other builder that could match up.

I cannot express how helpful Dirk and Stevie were in this whole process. For being new to building a home, there were plenty of times when we were at wits end. Dirk guided us through the confusion with ease and patience. Stevie was helpful in informing us about what items we needed to chose and when we needed to complete our decisions. .

I was also impressed to know that Dirk and Stevie were at the job site every day to check on what the contractors have completed. It was also comforting to see how clean the job site was during the building process. There are other homes that are being built by other builders in our subdivision whose job sites were not very neat in appearance. I will not forget the day when I came over to the job site and I observed Dirk going “hands on” with the building and cleaning of the job site. That made me even more secure knowing that Dirk and Stevie take pride in their product and not just “push pencils and point fingers”.

We took occupancy of our new home in September 2009 which was a month ahead of schedule. Now that we are in the winter months we have noticed a dramatic savings in our energy bill. Our old house was about 1100 square feet and we would pay near $235.00-$250.00 in heating and utility costs in the winter months. After a pretty cold December 2009 our heating and utility costs were at $183.00! Our Cobblestone home is about 1100 square feet larger than our first home.

Dirk’s thirst for knowledge puts him and Cobblestone in a league of their own! I have made referrals to others who are considering building a new home. I also took friends and family to our job site during the construction process and each person was impressed by the quality of construction and material used. If Chris and I decide to build again it would be without a doubt with Cobblestone!

Dan and Wendy

They say the third time’s a charm. This is our 3rd home we built and building with Cobblestone Builders was our best experience. Dirk and Stevie are on the job site all the time making sure all is done the way we wanted and contracted for.

Condo? Are we really living in a condo? The way the side by side ranch units are built, you would think you were living in a single family home, you can’t tell the difference. Cobblestone Builders has many different floor plans to choose from and which you can customize to your life style. We added a finished theater room, bar, office and full bath in the basement!

They make sure the job site is always clean inside your home and outside of the entire project. Great experience and we’re delighted!  

Teri & Kevin

When deciding on a builder to hire to construct our new home, we chose Cobblestone Builders and never questioned that decision.

We were impressed with the quality of materials used in every home they build, the high level of workmanship expected of their subcontractors, the attention to details and the prompt responses to any questions we had.

Throughout the project, we always felt that we were kept apprised of all progress in the construction of our home. That was important to us as we had a deadline to meet to be moved into the new home. We were ecstatic when Cobblestone Builders turned over the keys to our completed home ahead of schedule.

Our best interests were always represented by Dirk and Stevie and we greatly appreciated that.

We cannot say enough about the pleasant experience of building with Cobblestone Builders. We would highly recommend them.

Rich and Lindy

Thanks to Cobblestone Builders we have our dream house. With the wonderful help and expertise of Dirk and Stevie Wildt our dreams and ideas were formed and evolved into the most amazing house. The perfectionism that Dirk expels and expects of all his contractors is to be admired. Your home is his home, he wants it just right, perfect and nothing less. The pride is also something to be admired. It was wonderful working with them and having them look out for us at all times, at all costs. Whenever we had questions or issues, he was on top of them before we could blink an eye. If you want your home to be the most amazing breathtaking thing of beauty around every corner, in every nook and cranny, we recommend Cobblestone Builders, there is NO other way to go.

Thank you Dirk & Stevie.



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