Reviews and Testimonials for Cobblestone Builders in Menomonee Falls.

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Jason & Andrea

My husband and I love our new home. I extend my compliments to Dirk and Stevie at Cobblestone Custom Homes both for the quality of the home’s workmanship and the entire purchasing process. Our first home purchase was stressful and a terrible experience. Therefore, we were apprehensive in buying another new home. Without a doubt, the purchase of our Cobblestone Custom home was the most pleasant home purchase we have made.  Dirk and Stevie took the time to answer questions and made us feel comfortable throughout the entire purchasing process.  My husband and I love our dream home and we look forward to making lasting memories with our family. Thank you, Dirk and Stevie, for your patience, professionalism, workmanship, and friendship.

John & Sharon

Our first visit to Cobblestone Trails and a visit with Dirk at the model was all it took to convince us that Cobblestone builders stood above all of the rest.  We knew then that when we finally got around to building our retirement home, they would be who we wanted to work with.  During construction, when issues arose, as they will in any construction project, Dirk and Stevie kept us informed and assisted us with dealing with them.  If we were to build again, we would certainly do it with Cobblestone.

Mike & Sue

“After working through three builders, that all turned out to be unsatisfactory, we found Cobblestone Builders. From the beginning we felt comfortable with Dirk and Stevie. We liked the home models we saw and the quality within them. Their references spoke highly of them. They worked closely with us through the entire building process. Their communication, building knowledge, sub-contractors and their overall building process was excellent. We are very pleased with our beautiful high quality new home. We definitely can recommend Cobblestone Builders for anyone’s new home. “

Steve & Stacey

We had the pleasure of building our first home with Cobblestone Builders and the experience was excellent. When it came time for us to build our dream home we looked to multiple builders and again were impressed with Cobblestone. The time and expertise provided by Dirk and Stevie before we even signed the contract was impressive. They made sure we understood all aspects of the building process and they worked with us during several design changes and rebidding of prices to ensure we got what we were looking for within the budget we had. The relationship that they have with their contractors and how they manage the build process made the experience even easier for us. Of course there were challenges along the way, but Dirk and Stevie made us aware of every detail and with the help of their expertise resolved any issue quickly and to our satisfaction.
It was a pleasure to work with Cobblestone Builders and if an opportunity comes where building a third time is an option Cobblestone will be my first call.

Kevin & Niki

We spent two years looking for a builder we wanted to do business with and Cobblestone Builders was chosen because of their quality, experience and open book policy.   The feedback we heard during the construction process from the contractors hired by Cobblestone helped ensure we made the right decision, even the Village Building Inspector commented on their quality being higher than most builders!  Cobblestone adds a higher quality to the areas of your house the “average homeowner” does not have the knowledge on and the fact that you get to deal directly with the owner a.k.a. expeditor, makes the process more efficient than going through the multiple layers that most companies have.


Two years ago I decided to move back to Wisconsin and to downsize from my home to a condominium.  Most units I looked at in the area resembled a typical boxy apartment.  When I visited Cobblestone Trails and walked in the front door of the model unit, I knew I had found a place to call my home.

Cobblestone Trials offered me all the amenities I was looking for in a home, a quiet setting, well landscaped and maintained grounds plus a quality custom built home.

After building five homes I can honestly say that my building experience with Dirk & Stevie Wildt was the best.  Throughout the building process, Dirk & Stevie were honest, well organized, easy to work with and strived hard to give me all I wanted in my new home in a timely fashion.  My home ended up being all that I was looking for and more and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to build!

Alan and Susan

When we decided to downsize from a large suburban home to a condominium lifestyle, we looked at several existing properties, as well as new construction. Within minutes of our initial visit we could see the quality differences that Cobblestone Builders builds its brand around. We had never gone through the new home construction process before, and of course heard all the horror stories. But Dirk and Stevie completely understand that they are building a home for their customer, not just a building. They do everything possible, from choosing suppliers to working with owners and designers, to being on the jobsite nearly every day to make sure that the project is done as if it were their own. Communication has been excellent throughout the entire process, all of our desires and concerns were addressed, and we could not be happier and prouder of our new condominium home at Cobblestone Trails.

Al & Dawn

We have been looking at condominiums for the past two years and in that time period, we were not happy with the fact that they all looked the same, and the developers were unwilling to let you customize the unit. Cobblestone Builders believes that you have the right to customize your condominium to make it more like your home than a condo.

During the building process Cobblestone Builders integrity and honesty was very apparent, they answer all your questions in a timely manner and are always on the job site making sure everything is done right, even to the smallest detail. In addition, they also have an excellent relationship with all the vendors and sub contractors. Also, due to the rising energy costs we are also impressed that they are an ENERGY STAR builder

An excellent choice for a builder!

John & Pam

Just a note to let you know how pleased we were with our home and our experience with you. Our home was built in 1994, and even years later you responded when we had an insulation problem. Working with you was a pleasure and you were able to accommodate the changes we requested. We have enjoyed our home for many years now, and if we build again would definitely contact you. Hope this finds you doing well and thank you again.


Don and Jean

Building with Cobblestone was a very pleasant experience and not at all the “horror story” we’ve all heard building a new home can become.

Roy Wildt, the builder, and Stevie, his expeditor, were both hands-on and always available and willing to listen to any concerns we had of changes we wanted to make. Their construction methods were sound, resulting in a well-built, attractive residence.

This was our first experience having a home built and would do it again with Cobblestone in a heartbeat!


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